Let us take you back in time to when buffalo walked along Patong Beach!

Giorgio the managing director of Tropica Bungalow first discovered paradise Patong in the 1970’s when he travelled to Phuket while working for a travel company. Giorgio grew up in Switzerland, India, Africa and Berlin, but when he arrived in Phuket, he knew he had found a place to call home.

At this time only 45,000 people lived on the island, compared to over 380,000 today! Mangroves beautified the beachfront scenery, naked people walked on the sand and buffalo enjoyed a daily walk along the shores. At this time, Patong was the only destination developed for travellers and there was only one telephone for the whole of Patong!

A casual beachfront restaurant Malee’s Seafood opened in the 1970s, a simple place with spectacular views and delicious food. In 1981 bungalows were added to the business and it was renamed Tropica Bungalow and Restaurant. Since this day, Giorgio has been welcoming guests from all over the world including a Swiss guest who stayed 50 times!

Giorgio has experienced the ups and downs of life in paradise, nothing quite as terrible as the tsunami which washed him out to the open sea for 3.5 hours while staying at his Khao Lak resort. Giorgio is also passionate about helping others, he is a founding member of the Lion Club of Phuket Andaman Sea and actively supports the Phuket Sunshine Village amongst other local charities.